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Show Talk Episode 4

The fourth episode of Show Talk aired on October 28th, 2013!
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Most Recently Aired Episodes

BLEACH S3 EP45 (Harryhausen)
Ichigo starts his bankai training, where he brings a manifestation of Zangetsu into his world. Zangetsu sets up a challenge where he must select the right sword among many to defeat him, and all the wrong swords represent Ichigo's weaknesses. There are multiple subplots, including Maki Maki bringing Orihime to a hospital and the rest of Ichigo's team waking up in a prison. I happen to know that during this period of the anime, the manga was still being published and so they had to thin out the episodes a bit. As Bleach episodes go, this one wasn't so badly paced, but it still felt a little slow. Other then that, the challenge Zangetsu set up for Ichigo was intriguing, and I'm curious to see how Ichigo will overcome it.
Rating: 6.5/10.

MODERN FAMILY S5 EP6 (Tarantino)
I enjoyed this episode of “Modern Family” more than the last episode I reviewed.  This episode had guest star appearances made by Nathan Lane as Cam and Mitchel’s friend, Pepper, and Fred Willard as Phill’s dad, Frank.  The episode was hilarious, and I really enjoyed the scenes with Pepper’s assistant Ronaldo, and hope to possibly see more of his character in future episodes.  Another character in this episode that I really enjoyed was Jay and Gloria’s new hired “manny” Andy the male nanny and I know we are most likely going to see more of his character soon.
Rating: 8.5/10

ELEMENTARY S2 EP5 (Harryhausen)
An assassin is killed in a motorcycle accident, and Holmes figures out that he killed somebody before his own death. The mystery here isn't "who did it?", it's "who did they kill?". I liked this episode's mystery a lot. The mysteries on this show aren't it's strong suit. It's usually the characters that make it interesting, and some of the eccentric details in cases. But I liked this mystery, where searching for a victim turned up even more killers. However, the show slipped back into its rather disappointingly formulaic way of solving cases where Holmes goes from suspect to suspect. For once I wished they focused more on clues and a static crime scene, like the old stories did.
Rating: 7.9/10

This episode of “Person of Interest” was so far my favorite episode of the season.  In it we flashback to Shaw when she was just a girl and see a car accident that she was in that killed her father.  In present day Finch gets a number of an immigrant girl and it’s up it’s up to Shaw to protect her.  It was nice to get a bit deeper into Shaw’s character, and I enjoyed seeing the flashback of Shaw when she was a little kid.  The ending where Gen is telling Shaw that she does have emotions, but she just keeps them low was sweet and that might have been my favorite moment in the show.  I’m interested to find out the reason why Root kidnaped Shaw and see where they go with that.
Rating: 10/10

BEN10 OMNIVERSE EP33 (Harryhausen)
Ma Vreedle threatens to blow up the sun if the Plumbers don't find HER son, who happens to have been kidnapped by Octagon and Rhomboid Vreedle. I don't really know what to make of this episode. It has a sort of ridiculous premise and the Vreedle Brothers aren't the most interesting adversaries on the show's villain roster. There were a few half-decent jokes though, and a cool fight scene on a train where Ben used Ditto to make a bridge of clones. In fact there seemed to kind of a clone theme going on this episode. However, I wouldn't watch this episode twice.
Rating: 4.9/10

THE MIDDLE S5 EP4 (Tarantino)
I enjoyed this episode of “The Middle” and thought it was decent.  In the episode Mike and Frankie are in charge of driving a cow float for the 100th anniversary their town, Orson and in a sub plotline Sue tries to get her ex jealous by using her friend Brad.  Now this episode wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t one of my favorites.  I sort of preferred the first episode of this season more than this because while the plot was good, it just wasn’t my favorites.  If I were to try and find anything good about it to say, I would say I enjoyed the part where Sue and Brad are singing “Summer Nights” from the show “Grease” obnoxiously loud to try and catch her ex’s attention and make him jealous.
Rating: 6/10

Swapped Episodes

BLEACH S1 EP19 (Tarantino)
I had a very vague idea of what was going on in this episode of “Bleach”.  Having not seen the previous episodes that led up to this episode, it was a little hard to figure out was going on.  At first when Ichigo was trying to regain his powers, I thought he wasn’t a soul reaper yet and he was trying to gain his powers for the first time.  I kept thinking this until Ichigo was in the strange other world and Zangetsu told him something about the guy (I forget his name) who took his powers and that’s when I realized he was trying to get his powers back.  When comparing this to the other anime I watched, “The World God Only Knows”, I would have to say that I enjoyed The World God Only Knows a bit more than this, but that may be because I saw the first episode.
Rating: 5.5/10

Leslie's trying to get a soda tax passed to cut down on the outrageous amount of sugary sodas being consumed, Ben's trying to get his interns to be more professional, and Chris is trying to get Andy in shape. This was a mildly entertaining episode. The soda tax plot-line was funny, especially the joke about the enormous child size soda cups, and it also revealed that Ron had tried to fire Leslie four times in the past. I was a little more interested in the interns plot-line though, since it showed a different side to Ben. I'm still not really sure how to feel about this show. Either a lot of the humor's going over my head or it's just too subtle to be laugh-out-loud funny. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this particular episode.
Rating: 6/10

Shared Episode
(review of the same episode of a show we both watch)

SLEEPY HOLLOW S1 EP5 (Harryhausen)
Ichabod and Abby help stop a plague brought on by one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Conquest. This was one of the better episodes. It was cool to see a new Horsemen, even if he looked like a fairly normal samurai.  The episode wasn't especially suspenseful or scary this time around, which I felt was for the best. It was also nice to see Middle English spoken on the show. It made me appreciate how our language has evolved over the centuries. The only thing that I didn't really like was how cheesy it felt when Abby was trying to talk to God in the hospital church room.
Rating: 6.7/10

SLEEPY HOLLOW S1 EP5 (Tarantino)
I’m really enjoying “Sleepy Hollow” more and more with each episode I watch.  In this episode a mysterious boy is found and is carrying a plague that begins to spread across Sleepy Hollow and Ichabod and Abbie have to find a cure for it.  I really enjoy how they do this version of Sleepy Hollow and what they did to change up the story for it, and I can sort of see how they can keep going with this for at least 4 to 5 seasons.  In the last two episodes, I found that there was a gruesome beginning to the episodes, but not in this one and I am happy with that because I don’t really enjoy gory scenes.
Rating: 8.5/10

Combined Rating: 7.6/10

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