Thursday, January 16, 2014

Show Talk Episode 11

The eleventh episode of Show Talk aired on January 13th, 2014!
See the full episode below: NOTE: We had technical difficulties at the end that were unknown to us while streaming. We will hopefully have it fixed by the next time we air.

Here are the reviews that were in the episode:

Most Recently Aired Episodes
We review episodes of randomly selected shows that we watched that week.

GROJBAND S1EP13 (Harryhausen)
In the first half of this episode, the band travels to the underworld where elevator music is born and has to write elevator music that's actually cool to escape. In the second half, Cory buys a guitar that refuses to share the stage with any other instrument. Grojband is a weird, sometimes funny, formulaic show that's also strangely addictive, at least for me. This particular episode was pretty good. The premise of the first half was nice and ridiculous, and I feel like it was funnier and more concise then the second half, which was good enough, but ultimately skippable.
Rating: 5.5/10

PARENTHOOD S5EP9 (Tarantino)
I really enjoyed this week’s episode of “Parenthood” and it sort of makes me wish this one aired in 2013 so I could have added it to my top 10 best episodes list of 2013.  In this episode Julia reveals to Joel that Ed kissed her, and when Joel asks why she didn’t tell him when he asked before, she claims that “Nothing happen from her end.”  I found this idiotic and I don’t understand how you can think it was nothing to talk about even if it didn’t happen on her end.  Sadly they didn’t really spend that much time on the Joel and Julia plotline which disappointed me a bit as I would have liked to see more of it from this episode.  But it seems they’ll focus on it more it next time, and based on what Joel told Julia in at the end, it seems their marriage will be unfortunately coming to a close.
Rating: 8.5/10

Archive Swap Episodes
We swap shows that we've watched in the past.

X-MEN EVOLUTION S3EP11 (Tarantino)
This episode of “X-Men Evolution” was good.  I had no idea who the assassin was in the beginning, but knew right away when I saw the two claws and I then knew exactly who it was and who this episode was going to be about and I was happy about it since I have never really known much about X-23.  At first when seeing this version of Wolverine’s character, I wasn’t a big fan of the voice but it soon grew on me and the more I heard him speak the more I liked his voice.  The head design for some of the females (Mainly Rogue and X-23) at certain points in the show looked like male heads and it was sort of hard to look past.  Comparing this to the other X-Men episode I watched from “Wolverine and the X-Men”, I would have to say I enjoyed this slightly more.  But that’s just basing off of one episode and not an entire series.
Rating: 9.5/10

BUNHEADS S1EP10 (Harryhausen)
In this highly dramatic episode of Bunheads, the ballet school preforms Nutcracker, but nothing really goes as planned and the episode ends on a low note. This episode was funny at times, but there were moments that made me unsure whether it was a sitcom and or a drama. I guess it's a dramcom. The idea of it is interesting and unique - I'm glad it isn't just another show about a crazy family, though there is craziness to be had. The plot was very well structured and though the humor was hit and miss for me when it worked it was okay. The biggest complaint I can make about it is that I had to hear that incredibly irritating Nutcracker music for longer then I'd have liked to.
Rating: 8.9/10

Special Segment
All the ideas that couldn't fit in the current show are stuffed in this segment! There's two parts to this segment, the feature and the accessory. The feature is like our normal review segments, but with a fun twist. The accessory follows the feature segment, and is usually a game about the shows we watch.

There are archive shows that we've both watched. We'll pick our favorite episodes from the show to review, they don't necessarily have to be the same episode, but if they are then we'll average the score.

Top 3 Best Episodes that week, and why we liked them. Can be for shows we didn't review as well as shows we reviewed.

Shared Episode
We both review the same episode of a show we both watch.

This was one of the more interesting episodes of an already interesting show. The choices that were made, especially at the end, are exciting and I can't wait to see where they will lead in the second half of the season. Also, there was a surprising cameo in this episode that I won't spoil, but added to how enjoyable it was. There were some moments where the CGI wasn't blending too well, and the effects all around were passable, but not as good as the pilot's, at least until the very end. The show's been great so far, so I'm glad this is just a winter hiatus and not a finale.
Rating: 8.4/10

“Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” is getting better and better since the last time I watched it which is the last time I reviewed it.  The ending to this episode was excellent, as it opens a new plotline for the show so it’s not just about having Alice reunite with Cyrus.  Already I can see where the writers are going with this and here is my theory: Alice and the rest of her team are now going to have to rescue Will before Jafar can get to him, but they’re also going to have to find a way to free Will without having Cyrus ending up as a Genie again.  To do that they’re going to most likely need a replacement for Will and that replacement being Jafar.  Why do I think it’s Jafar?  It’s because in the Disney version of “Aladin” they stop Jafar by tricking him to wish to become a Genie so he would end up in the lamp and so it’s most likely how they’re going to stop him at the end of the season.  But then with Jafar stopped and trapped in the bottle, who is next to be the main villain?  My theory is Jafar’s lover that is currently his staff.
Rating: 8.5/10

Combined Rating: 8.45/10

Next Time

Next week we're adding Gravity Falls and Log Horizon to Harryhausen's list. Next time, we'll be reviewing Gravity Falls and New Girl, and we'll be swapping the shows Bleach and Big Bang Theory, and we'll both review Arrow. For the "feature", it'll be Reality Show Review, followed by the "accessory", The Shipping Game!