Sunday, January 5, 2014

Show Talk Episode 10

The tenth episode of Show Talk aired on January 5th, 2014!
See the full episode below:

Here is a summary of the episode, with the reviews attached for your perusal:

Most Recently Aired Episodes
We review episodes of randomly selected shows that we watched that week.

Green Goblin turns Spiderman's teammates into Goblins and uses them to distract Spiderman so that he can Goblinize New York. This episode comes in number two on my top ten list of the year. The "Episodes I Wish I Didn't Have to Watch" list that is. If you're wondering whether the plot has any depth, subplots, or character development beyond that description, it doesn't. There's not much else to say about this except that I will not be returning to watch the theoretical third season of this show. The only high point of the episode was the flashbacks of past episodes. Ouch.
Rating: 1/10

BIG BANG THOERY S7EP12 (Tarantino)
I highly enjoyed this episode of “The Big Bang Theory” but I realized something this time that I never realized before.  Penny gets a small role on the show “NCIS” but is disappointed to find out that her part gets cut.  So Leonard goes to try and comfort her, but fails to do so and makes the situation worse.  So the next day he comes back to try and fix things by giving her a casting call sheet for the new “Star Wars” film, but just ends up making the situation worse.  What I am trying to say is that there is always some sort of variation of that scenario every once and a while that it’s becoming annoying and I’m tired of seeing it.  Now Leonard’s relationship with Penny is in jeopardy (again) because he refused a drunken marriage proposal from her, and I don’t think he was wrong for doing so.  Because if he had she would have yelled at him the next day for taking advantage of her and that would have made the situation even more annoying.  I think she’ll be over it by the next episode.
Rating: 7/10

Swapped Episodes
We swap shows that we currently watch.

BEN 10 OMNIVERSE S2EP19 (Tarantino)
This episode of “Ben 10 Omniverse” was a little better than I thought it would be.  I always enjoy the alternate universe type of episodes because it’s interesting to see how one universe differs from another.  The art style was great since it was done by Derrick J. Wyatt whose art I highly enjoy, and there were some great voice actors like Tara Strong and David Kaye.  I enjoyed the characters of Blukic and Driba the most because they are the most interesting characters of the show to me, and I enjoy hearing their funny little voices.  Now to wrap up this review I’ll say this isn’t one of my favorite shows that I have seen, but it’s still not the worst.
Rating: 5.5/10

Finch gets the number of what seems like a typical family man, but he soon realizes that there's more going on then at first appears. This episode had a bit of a rough start in my opinion, but as the plot started to hint at something bigger then the perp or victim premise, it got better. And, surprisingly, it was funnier then I'd thought it would be. The sizzle reel at Comic Con that I watched of Reece shooting people's kneecaps didn't really sell that part of the show, which is a shame since it's a good reason to watch it. I appreciated the ending, which was a great way to open an arc. The characters need a little more personality though. Not sure how I feel about sitting through two seasons of a shy calm nerd guy and a violent calm action guy. 
Rating: 7/10

Special Segment
All the ideas that couldn't fit in the current show are stuffed in this segment! There's two parts to this segment, the feature and the accessory. The feature is like our normal review segments, but with a fun twist. The accessory follows the feature segment, and is usually a game about the shows we watch.

In every arced series, there's usually at least one episode that serves no other purpose then padding. We review episodes like this from series we watch or have watched!

We review a theme song from a show the other person watches. Theme songs are chosen, not randomly picked. Rating is divided into "Catchy-ness", "Flow", "Embarrassment Factor" and "Overall". A section of the theme song is played on the show during this segment!

Shared Episode
We both review the same episode of a show we both watch.

SLEEPY HOLLOW S1EP10 (Harryhausen)
After Ichabod finds out that he has a son, he asks Henry Parish to help him talk to Katrina for answers, but is threatened by the golem that his son created in lieu of Ichabod's fathering. This was one of the more enjoyable episodes. I'm familiar with golems, and while I wish they'd tied it in with some of the more interesting mythology there, it was still fun to see. The monsters on this show are usually well done. It was also nice to see some backstory for Frank. However, the show got a little silly at times, especially whenever they read from the Testament.
Rating: 8/10

SLEEPY HOLLOW S1EP10 (Tarantino)
This episode of “Sleepy Hollow” was good.  It wasn’t one of my favorite episodes, but still wasn’t my least.  I’m glad they brought back John Nobel’s character ‘The Sin Eater’ for this episode as I highly enjoyed his performance the last time he was on it and his acting on the show this time was fantastic as well.  I’m glad they were able to tone down the gruesomeness a bit as it was a little offsetting for me and made me question multiple times if I should drop the show.  I’m also really enjoying the background music as it’s one of the best parts of the shows and am hoping they release a soundtrack for it.  If my wish for an “Arrow” soundtrack came true before, perhaps a soundtrack for Sleepy Hollow will come true as well.
Rating: 6/10

Combined Rating: 7/10

And now, because it's the new year, here's our Top Ten Episodes of 2013!

Tarantino's Top Ten Episodes of 2013

#10 Transformers: Prime “Deadlock”: One of the best episodes of the seasons.  The battle was exciting, I almost cried at Bumblebee’s death, and Bumblebee also gets his voice back.

#9 The Office “Finale”: A fantastic ending to the series.  It was nice that Steve Carell came back for the finale as he was one of my favorite parts. I’m sad to see the show go.

#8 New Girl “Keaton”: This was a great episode and I highly enjoyed it.  It was amusing to watch Jess and Nick try to keep the ‘Magic of Michael Keaton’ going for Schmidt.

#7 Parenthood “Speaking of Baggage”: A personal favorite of mine mainly because of the great performance by the band, and it had an interesting plot line.

#6 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “The Asset”:  This was a great episode and a big turning point in the series and it’s what made me enjoy the show more.  It proved it wasn’t just going to be a show about hunting down “unregistered gifted”.

#5 Once Upon a Time “Think Lovely Thoughts”: So far it is my favorite episode of the season and the twist of Peter Pan being Gold’s father was excellent.

#4 Person of Interest “2ttR”: This is one of my favorite episodes of the series.  It was interesting to watch Finch protect the latest person of interest and the episode was amazing overall.

#3 Nashville “I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive”:  I highly enjoyed this episode a lot.  Two of the reasons being the awesome performance Juliette gave at the end, and Maddie finds out the Deacon is her father.

#2 Arrow “Three Ghosts”: This was an epic cliffhanger episode and one of my favorites of Season 2 so far.  Was happy to see Slade was alive in present day, but not so happy to see that he wants to kill Oliver. I was also happy that Tommy even got a cameo.

#1 Arrow “Sacrifice”: This was the best episode of Season 1 (In my opinion) and a great ending to the Season. 

Harryhausen's Top Ten Episodes of 2013

#10 Once Upon a Time in Wonderland S1 EP1: I've really enjoyed this series, and this episode was great. It introduced new characters and set up an intriguing story.

#9 Elementary S2 EP1: While there wasn't much mystery to be found in this episode, the introduction of Mycroft and getting to see 221B Baker Street was just the thing the kick off the season.

#8 Once Upon a Time in Wonderland S1 EP7: Though this episode didn't really work until the end, it was still a great episode and one of my favorites of the whole show.

#7 Once Upon a Time S3 EP4: Tinkerbell's introductory episode. It felt like the season was finally picking up the pace here.

#6 Ultimate Spiderman S2 EP15: Bet you didn't think an Ultimate Spiderman episode would be on here! This episode is easily the best episode of the show. I've watched it three times now - willingly!

#5 Arrow S1 FINALE: Everything the show had put forth so far paled in comparison to this wonderful season finale.
#4 The World God Only Knows S3 EP7: This was the best episode of the season and maybe even the whole show, it's filled with tension and the whole situation is great.

#3 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1 EP6: Easily the best episode of the show so far. Maybe it's just that my favorite character was featured, but this episode also seemed heavier then the show's usual light tone, which I enjoyed.

#2 Legend of Korra S2 E5: The show finally found a proper outlet of humor in the form of Varrick, and this whole episode was incredibly entertaining as a whole.

#1 Elementary S1 EP13: The best case on the show, and the most original and clever one to come out of the series.

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Harryhausen is dropping Sleepy Hollow and we're both dropping Avengers Assemble. Next time, we'll be reviewing Grojband and Parenthood, and we'll be swapping the shows Bunheads and X-Men Evolution, and we'll both review Once Upon a Ttme in Wonderland. For the "feature", it'll be Both Watch Archive Episode Review, followed by the "accessory", The Best Episodes of the Week!