Monday, December 16, 2013

Show Talk Episode 8

The eighth episode of Show Talk aired on December 8th, 2013!
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Here is a summary of the episode, with the reviews attached for your perusal:

Most Recently Aired Episodes
We review episodes of randomly selected shows that we watched that week.

Korra meditates to take down Unalaq once and for all, but after he merges with the dark spirit Vaatu, it'll take more then a few quick bending moves to defeat him. After the great season opening and the nice dose of humor that was injected into the show midseason with the introduction of Varrick, the show finally seems to have hit it's stride. The finale was, as usual, beautifully animated, and there were hints at what's coming up next season in the episode, which was nice to hear. But for the final battle, the show decided to go the "bigger is better" route and just scale up Korra and Unalaq. What's up with that?! In the end, it didn't make the battle more exciting and just came off as ridiculous. However, the show wins back points with the brilliant musical score, which was filled with exotic Asian instruments and gave the scenes a great feeling.
Rating: 6.4/10

This episode of “Person of Interest” was great, and every episode just gets better and better.  The plotline was good, but I thought that the previous episode’s plotline was better with its twist on Reese being the person of interest.  I’m happy the Simmons was finally killed off because I felt that he and HR were holding the show back a bit from moving forward with the storyline of the Head Operator and what his plans are.  It’s nice to see that Root stayed with the Reece and Finch even though he told her she could leave for helping them locate and saving Reece.  Sadly even though I really want her to stay and be officially part of the team I think she’ll end up betraying them later on.
Rating: 6.5/10

Swapped Episodes
We swap shows that are currently airing or on season break and review an episode that the other one picks.

I enjoyed this episode of “The World God Only Knows” highly.  The show always seems to capture my attention in its storyline and characters and I find that Elsie is less annoying this time and she’s a more likeable character for me now.  Of course I find that Keima is still out of touch with the real world, and would have liked to see some progress with his understanding of the real world, but that’s just a small nitpick of mine and it seems he’s doing good with helping girls get the guy they want.  Throughout watching animes for Show Talk I find that I have grown a liking to them and wish to perhaps start watching some on my own.  And for that I say thank you to Harryhausen.
Rating: 7.5/10

SUBURGATORY S1 EP9 (Harryhausen)
George's break up with his crazy girlfriend leads to a misunderstanding that prompts Tess to get them back together again for Christmas, ending in a disastrous finale. I liked this episode more then I thought I would, which is usually the case with these types of shows. There were many clever jokes and I actually laughed out loud once or twice, which almost never happens. Everyone on the show is funny and well cast. The only complaint I have is that the misunderstanding in this episode seemed a little too convenient, such as times where it felt like Tess should have realized the situation.
Rating: 7.8/10

Special Segment
All the ideas that couldn't fit in the current show are stuffed in this segment! There's two parts to this segment, the feature and the accessory. The feature is like our normal review segments, but with a fun twist. The accessory follows the feature segment, and is usually a game about the shows we watch.

We review an entire show from our respective archive show lists!

We rattle off short reviews of all the episodes of shows we watched that week but didn't get to review in full on the show!

Shared Episode
We both review the same episode of a show we both watch.

ONCE UPON A TIME S3 EP9 (Harryhausen)
Peter Pan is more powerful then ever and Henry's on the verge of death. It's up to Regina, Emma and Snow to find Peter Pan and force him to give up Henry's heart. For the most part, I liked this episode. It was fast-paced, though the flashback scenes were a little draggy, and the obligatory twist at the end was unpredictable and welcome. There were some parts that were outright corny, though, like Jared Gilmore's acting. And that we didn't get to see a powerful Pan in Neverland was a disappointment.
Rating: 7.8/10

ONCE UPON A TIME S3 EP9 (Tarantino)
This episode of “Once Upon a Time” was great!  The flashbacks in this were interesting, but also a little bit dull.  Mainly because it was boring to just watch Regina taking care of baby Henry.  It was confusing also about what the potion she made really did to her memory ‘cause as far as I remember she always knew about Emma.  I enjoyed the twist they put in the end, but saw it coming just like how I saw Pan being Gold’s father coming so there was no surprise there.  I can sort of see where they might be going with this, but won’t say in the review due to spoiler reasons.  But what I can say is that if my ideas are right, then I think we have a great rest of the season to look forward to.
Rating: 9/10

Combined Rating: 8.4/10

Next Time

The next episode of Show Talk will air on Sunday, December 15th (date subject to change), 2013 at 7:30. We'll be reviewing New Girl and Elementary, and we'll be swapping the archive shows Star Wars The Clone Wars and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and we'll both review Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. For the "feature", it'll be Show Premiere Review, followed by the "accessory", Name The Characters!