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Show Talk Episode 2

The second episode of Show Talk aired on October 5th, 2013!
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Most Recently Aired Episodes

In the final episode of the third season, Keima finally gets the goddess out of Ayumi, and the battle against Vintage ends.
This was a good end to a good season, (though season one will always be my favorite). I wish Elsie had gotten more screen time this season, but at least she got one or two moments in this episode, albeit towards the end. My only complaint is that the pacing slows considerably once the conquest is over with. The end of the episode shows some sort of salvation for Keima as a possibility and I'd hate to see the show end here. Hey, at least we have the manga to fall back on, right?
Rating: 8/10

This episode of “Person of Interest” was a very interesting in my opinion.  Reese and Finch get a number of a man, Mr. Kruger, who runs a company called “Life-Trace”, a company that collects public records of people and posts it on their website for anyone to see.  The whole plot line of this week’s show was good, and it was interesting to see Reese and Finch fail to save Mr. Kruger’s life.  It was one of the very few times they have.  At the end of the show when Reese, Finch, and Shaw are discussing what the head operator was referring to by “the first lesson”, and how there will be more to come, I thought it might be interesting for Root and the head operator to team up near the end of the season to perhaps try and locate The Machine.
Rating: 8.5/10

LEGEND OF KORRA S2 EP5 (Harryhausen)
sum: Korra is trying to help the oppressed Southern Water Tribe fend off the North, but her efforts to launch an attack have been denied. On a suggestion from Varrick, she bypasses the middle man and asks Iroh, the General of the United Forces, to attack the North, but is found out. As it turns out, Mako betrayed her, and after a fight they break up. There's also a subplot where Meelo trains a flying lemur named Pabu. Once again I'm impressed by how much plot is packed into each episode. There's really no room for filler on this show. The animation is also superb. I'm relieved that Korra and Mako are no longer together. Their relationship was pretty strained, especially since Korra is an extremely demanding girlfriend. So far this season is a huge improvement over season 1. There hasn't been an episode of this I haven't enjoyed, and though this isn't the best episode of the season so far, I honestly can't think of anything that I didn't like about it.
Rating: 10/10

MODERN FAMILY S5 EP3 (Tarantino)
This episode of “Modern Family” was a fairly decent.  It wasn’t one of my favorites, but it was still good.  In the show Phil has hit the “single mother lode” in clients and has trouble juggling them all, Gloria thinks Joey has been cursed by the Devil, and Cam tries to throw a funeral for Lilly’s cat’s wife that doesn’t even exist.  As I said this wasn’t one of my favorites, but the funniest part in it was when Cam thought Lilly’s cat was dead and said to Mitchel “We’ll just get a new Larry” and Mitchel asks “So when I die will you just get a new me?” to which Cam replies “Don’t be silly. I could never find another gay Mitchel with the same markings as you.”
Rating: 5.5/10

The turtles must stop the looming Kraang warship that is threatening Earth by sneaking inside and rescuing April. This is a good show, and it's good because of its great sense of humor and characters. Sometimes the plots leave a little to be desired, though. We've seen the heroes sneak into an enemy base plot countless times before, even on this very series, but I feel like the plot wasn't the important thing this episode. It was about the showdown between Master Splinter and Shredder, and that was indeed worth watching the episode for.
Rating: 7.5/10

PARENTHOOD S5 EP2 (Tarantino)
This episode of Parenthood was great.  In it Christina begins to work on her campaign for mayor, Crosby struggles with being a father to Aida, Amber announces her plans to her family on getting married to Ryan with her family, and Zeek and Camille are thinking about downsizing to a smaller place.  I’m happy that Amber and Ryan are going to be getting married and have don’t have any doubts about them ending the relationship.  Also in the episode Christina’s campaign manager was questioning Adam about if there was anything she needed to know about him that could turn into a scandal, he brought up that his assistant once kissed him, but he didn’t think that she would bring it up to harm the campaign in any way.  This is a story line for a future episode that I would like to see happen.
Rating: 8/10

Swapped Episodes

I was interested to watch The World God Only Knows because I have never really watched any manga* before, and also because of what Harryhausen had told me about the show from the last episode.  I found that it was just like how Harryhausen explained: An awkward teen guy who only likes girls in videogames and just has the misfortune of being picked to get lost souls out of girl’s hearts and if he doesn’t a collar around his neck will take off his head.  I thought they did a good job showing in one episode just how out of touch Keima is of how things are in the real world, and Elsie was kind of annoying but likeable at the same time.
Rating: 6.5/10

*He means anime, folks. ;)

NEW GIRL S1 EP2 (Harryhausen)
During a game of indoor basketball Jess breaks the television, and they spend the rest of the episode trying to get her old one back from her ex-boyfriend. This is a very funny show, but some people may not get its quirky humor. Luckily, I was able to pick up the show's subtlety. The whole cast is definitely weird, but since they're all weird, it's like everything is normal. The pacing of the show is especially good as well, and the comic timing of the actors is superb. Once again I'm grateful for the lack of a laugh track. I just hope the show can still come up with clever, interesting and quirky plots well into it's last season.
Rating: 6.7/10

Shared Episode
(review of the same episode of a show we both watch)

ONCE UPON A TIME S3 EP1 (Harryhausen)
 Emma, Hook, Regina, Mary, David and Mr. Gold travel to Neverland and get attacked by mermaids immediately upon arrival. Meanwhile, Henry arrives on Neverland's island with Tamara and Greg, but is separated from them when the Lost Boys attack. And in the Enchanted Forest, Neal goes to his father's castle to search for a way to find or contact Emma. I was expecting a game-changing episode to break out of the hangover brought on by the second season. What I got wasn't as refreshing as I'd hoped. Mr. Gold has started drifting back to his evil self and honestly I hope he stops. I can only hope the new villain Peter Pan doesn't have the same wishy-washy character developments the other villains have gotten thus far. But that aside, it's not that bad of an episode. I liked that they ended the Tamara and Greg story line. The mermaids were cool, villains questioning their roles was cool and Peter Pan's intro was cool, but the rest of the episode was lacking that bit of magic that made the first season so special.
Rating: 6.7/10

ONCE UPON A TIME S3 EP1 (Tarantino)
This episode of “Once Upon a Time” sort of felt to me like I was watching an episode of “Lost”, and no that’s not a compliment.  The reason I say it felt like I was watching Lost was because #1, it took place on a mysterious island.  #2, the Lost Boys reminded me of ‘The Others’, and just like The Others they wanted a special boy who has powers.  I did like the part on the ship where Emma, Snow, Charming, Hook, and Regina were the ones causing the storm and how Emma was clever enough to figure it out.  The question is: Is Once Upon a Time going to go downhill from here and become a Lost like show from here?  I doubt it.
Rating: 6/10

Combined Rating: 6.4/10

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