Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Show Talk Episode 1

The first episode of Show Talk aired on August 27th, 2013!
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Most Recently Aired Episodes
(In Bleach and Parenthood's cases, the most recent one watched)

Keima has caught a cold, and he uses this as a tactic to try to reveal Ayumi's goddess by triggering a so-called "sick visit" event. This is my favorite episode of the season so far. The mounting conflict and awkward situations in this episode are brilliantly handled by Keima, and just when you think things couldn't get any worse, they do. I'd have liked there to be more reason for Ryu to be in this episode, but that's just a nitpick.
Rating: 8.9/10
Note: In this podcast Tarantino asked why the demons inhabited girl's bodies. Harryhausen explained that he thought that both boys and girls were inhabited. They have since been corrected by a commenter in the podcast's chat room who explained that demons enter girl's bodies to get them to give birth to demons.

SUBURGATORY S2 EP22 (Tarantino)
This episode of Suburgatory was an interesting way to end the season.  Tessa will be living with her mom, George is now living in a house that he doesn’t even like with a stray dog and Dalia, and Dallas is now living on her own.  I thought that George breaking up with Dallas wasn’t really the best thing to do, because it makes me feel that it could be a running thing for the series where it’s like they get back together, they break up again, ETC. What I would like to see is perhaps an episode where George tries to get back with Tessa’s mom or the other way around.      
Rating: 7/10

BLEACH S2 EP32 (Harryhausen)
Renji recounts in a flashback how he met Rukia, and how they eventually entered the Soul Society.
It's always fun to see another side to a villain in a show, and boy did they make Renji completely justified in this episode. The flashback storyline seemed a little cliché, (girl enters child gang of boys, impresses all of them), but the later part of the story when Rukia is adopted put a twist on it that was original and interesting to watch. My only other complaint is that, at least in the English dub, Rukia apparently sounded like an adult as a kid, which is a little unsettling.
Rating: 7/10

PARENTHOOD S1 EP1 (Tarantino)
Watching the first episode of Parenthood was interesting for me to watch.  I have never before seen the first season of this show so getting to see how everything started out and seeing how the characters have progressed over time was great.  For example:  Amber in the first episode being this rebellious kid who gets into trouble all the time and the Amber now who has her life straighten out and is looking into getting married to Ryan.  Another example being how Crosby was this guy who just went out with any women he saw and was not one for commitment, and now he’s a father to Jabbar and married to Jasmine.
Rating: 9.5/10

BEN 10 OMNIVERSE EP30 (Harryhausen)
Dr. Animo flashes back to a quote unquote "brilliant" scheme of his, but just like always, gets caught by Ben. I came into this show late, and I didn't watch any of the previous Ben 10 shows before this one, so up until this point in the season I hadn't really seen much of Dr. Animo. This episode was interesting as it was one of the few episodes that featured old Ben, or should I say Young Ben, who was voiced by Tara Strong as always. The plot is fairly predictable, but that seems to come with the territory.
Rating: 5.5/10

THE MIDDLE S4 EP24 (Tarantino)
This episode of The Middle was a fairly decent episode.  Axl’s graduation is coming up and Frankie wants to throw a graduation party for him, but as she finds out, he’s not so really into the whole idea of having one.  The whole scene near the end of the episode where Frankie and Axl are fighting over the color of his socks was amusing, the ending was sweet, and I’m sure every mom could relate to how it feels to have their child graduate.
Rating: 6.9/10

Swapped Episodes

This episode of Beware the Batman was better than I thought it would be.  The animation was good, and the plot line was decent.  The feel of this Batman series sort of feels Nolan-y, meaning it felt like a Christopher Nolan style.  It seems to me like every Batman series from now on will have a Nolan-y style to it so people won’t complain that it feels to ‘childish’ to them.  Now I’m not saying this style is bad, I just think we need a different feel besides a Nolan style series.  There were some parts in the episode that I really didn’t get because I haven’t seen the past episodes, but that was okay, I was still able to enjoy the episode.
Rating: 9.4/10

After a few days of making tents out of a cardboard box and canvas sheets, the entirety of the Pawnee Rangers decide to switch over to the Pawnee Goddesses. The main story has two subplots twisted into it, namely, Tom and Donna trying to get Ben to relax and treat himself, and Chris dating Jerry's daughter Millicent. Before I watched this show I had next to no idea what it would be about. After having watched it, it seems to be a character driven comedy show about park rangers wrapped up in a unique mockumentary style. I admire how, from just a few lines of dialogue, each character was clearly defined. I also like how this show isn't afraid to make references to other shows, like Game of Thrones. And I really like how there wasn't a laugh track. Really, the only bad thing I can say about the episode was that there weren't a lot of laugh lines, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, seeing as it's character driven.
Rating: 6.5/10

Shared Episode
(review of the same episode of a show we both watch)

ARROW S1 FINALE (Harryhausen)
Oliver escapes from Malcolm's evil lair. In a flashback, the island missile storyline is wrapped up and ends with Oliver's first kill with an arrow. Back in the future, Oliver confronts Moira about the plan to destroy the Glades, which moves her to confess everything in a public press announcement, which Tommy sees. He confronts Malcolm about the Undertaking, and Malcolm admits to being the Dark Archer. Meanwhile, Felicity directs Detective Lance on how to dismantle the earthquake device, and he succeeds, but it turns out there are two devices. The episode ends with the Glades in disarray, as the city falls apart. This was a great way to end the first season. The episode was generously touching, and I honestly didn't expect the two bombs twist. It's the best episode of the season. Unfortunately, it doesn't stand up too well on it's own, and in order to fully appreciate it you would have had to see the full season first.
Rating: 9.8/10

ARROW S1 FINALE (Tarantino)
Arrow is one of the best shows that I watch, and this was my favorite episode of the season by far.  The episode had me at the edge of my seat biting my fingernails especially at the battle between Oliver and Malcolm.  The plot line of this episode was fantastic and the music score in the background was epic.  Recently I have read some Green Arrow comics and I have some ideas on what could possibly happen in Season 2.  I doubt it will happen, but one can still have hope.
Rating: 10/10

Combined Rating: 9.9/10

The next episode of Show Talk will air on Saturday, October 5th (date subject to change), 2013 at 7:30. We'll be reviewing The World God Only Knows, Legend of Korra, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, ParenthoodPerson of Interest and Modern Family, and we'll be swapping the shows The World God Only Knows and New Girl. We will then both review  Once Upon a Time. Be sure to tune in!